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Where is teacher confidence headed? New surveys provide insight

Teacher confidence hit rock bottom in 2022 but now appears to be on the rebound even as political divisiveness continues to roil K12.

Districts charge into 2024 with a diverse group of new leaders

School districts that had vacancies at the top are now entering the year knowing who their next superintendents will be after a spate of holiday season hirings of both veterans and first-timers.

Student-teacher diversity gaps are highest in these 11 states

The U.S. school system needs one million more teachers of color to close gaping diversity gaps between students and classroom educators. 

New teaching roles: 6 innovations that may save the profession

Increased autonomy and time for deeper personal connections are among the innovations that could help rebuild morale in K12 schools, a new report suggests. 

Districts are using teacher retention grants to staff up

Teacher retention grants and other forms of recruitment assistance are available from state and federal agencies and a wide range of other sources. Here's how K12 leaders are deploying the funds.

3 superintendents find new homes while more districts tap first-timers

A five-time Texas superintendent is shifting to a much bigger school system while three other K12 leaders are getting ready to relocate.

DALI superintendents summit: 7 important things leaders are talking about

This fall in Tucson, teacher shortages and superintendent longevity were top of mind but so were issues—such as test scores—that haven't been getting as much attention as of late.

Uvalde picks new leader as 6 other districts hire superintendents

The Uvalde school district has picked its new superintendent after a year without a permanent leader, as a large Florida district and a half dozen others also filled vacancies at the top.

2 departures and 2 suspensions lead to more turnover at the top

Two of the moves took place in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, where Saugus Public Schools' board on Thursday fired Superintendent Erin McMahon, who has been on paid administrative leave for the past 10 months.

Solving teacher shortages: 5 ways to improve student teaching

Districts are raising salaries, building apartments and giving teachers more planning time. But, with superintendents warning of worsening staff shortages, districts may be overlooking another solution: student teaching.

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