What K12 leaders can do to recruit the new generation of bus drivers

The good news for most school districts is that real progress can be made in hiring Generation Z and Millennials drivers with various employment options while retaining valuable, experienced transportation employees.

Teachers need time, technology and strategies to personalize a student’s journey

Focusing on the student-teacher relationship doesn’t mean telling teachers to connect and engage students, and then walking away. Nor is it about finding the best technology to take over as much teaching as possible.

Have you tried restarting? Now is the ideal time to think about what next year will look like

Three of our favorite words are launch, reset and close. They describe moments at a time when leaders can step out of the whirlwind to confirm that the energy is going in the right direction.

Educators must now emphasize the humans in the ChatGPT loop

“Wait and see” isn’t an adequate response to the forces being unleashed but there’s a pathway to progress that schools should explore.

Rethinking acceptable use policies in the age of AI

Do we really need a separate policy for AI or is this an ideal opportunity to address gaps in current acceptable use policies, and instead create one policy that ties it all together?

5 reasons to use unified communications at your high school

We were using a hodgepodge of different tools for school-to-home communications, none of which worked particularly well or got the job done.

3 important ways leaders can help school boards empower edtech

The integration of technology into everyday instruction is a new concept for most adults and, mostly likely, many of the members of your district's board of directors.

3 stress-free ways to better measure math mindsets

While traditional assessments like tests and quizzes will always have a place in math classrooms, districts can put their assessments to the test by reflecting on three questions.

Here are 5 priorities for choosing digital learning resources

A sometimes-overlooked part of the CIO’s role is providing input and guidance during the selection of the digital curricular resources that students and teachers are using every day.

Our seniors are training for healthcare jobs. That might also lead to college

Essential elements to replicate this model in other districts: Workforce development partner, great training, a dedicated manager, and an in-demand field with upward mobility.

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