“It makes my heart happy”: Celebrating culture creates safe spaces

"It makes my heart so happy that students are coming together to share their experiences and they feel safe doing it," says Superintendent Laurie Dent. "We finally made it safe to talk about race in this district."

How rebranding has this superintendent living in the moment—for now

Sharing a common purpose—and a common mascot—has had wider impacts on academics and even building design in Missouri's Grandview C-4 School District, Superintendent Kenny Rodrequez attests.

School-within-a-school uses PBL to help students make a big move

Orchard View Middle School's project-driven, small group learning experiment aims to make students' transitions from elementary to middle school more seamless and academically engaging.

Districts charge into 2024 with a diverse group of new leaders

School districts that had vacancies at the top are now entering the year knowing who their next superintendents will be after a spate of holiday season hirings of both veterans and first-timers.

Experts: 6 things that will strengthen school climate in 2024

Communication and connectedness will be the guiding lights as administrators and their teams work to improve school climate in 2024, says one group of K12 thought leaders.

3 important ways leaders can help school boards empower edtech

The integration of technology into everyday instruction is a new concept for most adults and, mostly likely, many of the members of your district's board of directors.

AASA Superintendent of the Year finalists named for 2024

The finalists named by AASA comprise a diverse group hailing from these states: Georgia, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Texas. "They are prime examples of what it means to be a superintendent in today’s post-COVID world," AASA says.

ELs excelling: Principal shares the keys to 3 big achievements

Principal Angel M. Rodriguez and his team at Lyman Hall Elementary School have seen record numbers of EL students graduating from language programs and being identified as gifted.

Don’t know about market value assets? Let this superintendent explain

They have everything to do with closed swimming pools and, more importantly, putting students on track for successful futures in college and the workforce, Superintendent Michelle Hubbard says.

Bolder visions: What 6 new strategic plans look like online

Graduation is no longer the goal in the latest wave of strategic plans. Superintendents and their teams are increasingly expanding their focus to ensuring their graduates find academic and professional success after completing high school.

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