Education in 2024: Partners break down 8 big trends

Collaboration will grow between K12 and the business community as academic growth is carefully assessed as AI drives the edtech evolution.

3 stress-free ways to better measure math mindsets

While traditional assessments like tests and quizzes will always have a place in math classrooms, districts can put their assessments to the test by reflecting on three questions.

Get ready to carefully assess growth and interventions in 2024

Tutoring, summer school programs and double-dose math will join an emphasis on strengthening student-teacher relationships as academic recovery takes on even more urgency.

Redefining math by answering “When are we ever gonna use this?” in new ways

We can motivate students to have a more positive mindset about the goals and purpose of math through community buy-in, professional learning and the right resources.

3 ways to foster positive math mindsets in students

Whether it's negative self-perceptions about their own identity and capability in math or an intimidating shadow cast by “star” math students at school, it’s common for students to doubt whether they belong in math class, let alone believe they can be successful in it.

Beyond math: The oft-missed diagnosis that can cause lifelong struggles for students

Supporting struggling math students and those with dyscalculia is an opportunity for us all to create an inclusive environment where students are empowered with the latest information and interventions to be successful in math and in their future careers.

Making math relevant starts with valuing your students’ experiences

What if, instead of seeing students as empty vessels that must be filled with math concepts, we made the knowledge students already have the foundation of instruction?a

How data-driven math instruction improves outcomes measurably

Our comprehensive approach is based on being open to change and includes giving teachers access to engaging software, student data, coaches, consultants, PD—and, most importantly, more time to teach.

Superintendent’s Playbook: How to make more progress with interventions

"It forces collaboration between social studies, math, English and science teachers," explains Superintendent John Dignan of Wayne-Westland Community Schools, about embedding interventions into core instruction. "They're working together and our kids are getting the medicine they need—it's not just about remediation, it's about acceleration."

5 charts to help us visualize the state of public education right now

One in five teachers in states without restrictions on race- and gender-related topics reported narrowing their instructional choices. And all educators remain divided over carrying guns in school.

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