Student-teacher diversity gaps are highest in these 11 states

The U.S. school system needs one million more teachers of color to close gaping diversity gaps between students and classroom educators. 

8 promising solutions to the outsize impacts of student discipline

Black boys and girls and students with disabilities continue to be suspended and expelled at rates that remain higher than their shares of total K12 enrollment, the latest data shows.

How districts can use data they already have to more equitably identify gifted students

A range of research has documented that many common gifted and talented identification practices miss many students, particularly students of color and those who are from low-income families.

Institutions are blending K12 and higher ed to improve student equity. Here’s how

With affirmative action ending, closing the gap between K12 and higher education might be as important as between students of different races and economic backgrounds.

Closing schools: How K12 leaders can promise value and equity

Rarely are demographic breakdowns of students or communities a part of the discussions when leaders consider closing schools. Academic impacts are also often absent from the debate, one expert asserts.

How to help teachers put equity into action

Everyone’s talking about putting equity into action in K-12 education, but there are some key pieces missing from conversations—one critical piece being the role of teachers.

LGBTQ+ inclusivity: How K12 leaders can find common ground for all students

Running a school or district with simultaneously very liberal and very conservative viewpoints on LGBTQ+ identities can seem like an impossible task.

Why some schools are swapping Halloween out for ‘seasonal’ celebrations

K12 leaders say they are planning fall-themed celebrations that are more inclusive of all students' spiritual beliefs. And the decision is being met with howls of derision in some communities.

5 ways school leaders can help disconnected communities access broadband

"This is a nuanced issue," said Tom Ferree, chairman & CEO of Connected Nation, a Kentucky-based nonprofit working to get more families hooked up to the internet, "and it’s critical for us to identify the pain points and work together to find solutions for not only expanding access to broadband but also helping people adopt and use the resources it offers.”

Why laws that bar teaching about race, LGBTQ topics have little to block

White authors and characters remain far more present in K12 curriculum than authors and characters of any other race or ethnicity, according to the “The Search for More Complex Racial and Ethnic Representation" study by Ed Trust.

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