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State lawmakers zero in on education policies in 2024

From school vouchers to funding, we've identified some of the most pressing education policies being discussed among legislators in 2024.

School nutrition: Why some worry it’s at a “perilous juncture”

A range of financial, logistical and regulatory challenges have the potential to disrupt school meal service as pandemic relief funding expires and stricter standards arrive, advocates say. 

New proposal offers federal funding for AI literacy in schools

'Artificial Intelligence Literacy Act' would improve the nation's AI skills by providing funding for K12 professional development and new computer science classes. 

Robotics and hate prevention: 8 unique grants to chase (if you live in these states)

If you're not teaching and learning in one of the locations detailed here, know that your state may have similar funding programs in specialized categories.

District’s inaction on sex video leads to damages award. Questions of discrimination in 2 other cases

When a student alleges that she has been subjected to unwanted sexual contact, a district’s next steps can determine how it fares in a Title IX case.

K12 Legal News: How a recent ruling impacts special ed for English learners

When a student with a disability speaks a language other than English, a district may face challenges in determining what his special education needs are versus how his limited English proficiency status affects his learning.

How one big state is steering students toward higher-paying careers

California's forthcoming Master Plan on Career Education will, among other steps, help incoming high school students begin exploring well-compensated careers—including professions that don't require college degrees. 

Extra workload? 3 tips to help teachers implement Texas HB 1416

The new law requires schools to provide accelerated instruction to students who didn’t pass or didn’t take the state assessment, the STARR. In Texas districts, this is having the unintended effect of adding to teachers’ workload

K12 social media crackdown: Bill threatens to cut off E-Rate funding

"Eyes on the Board Act," which singles out TikTok and Instagram, would require schools and districts that receive federal broadband funding to prohibit students from accessing any and all social media apps on "subsidized services, devices, and networks."

LGBTQ+ inclusivity: How K12 leaders can find common ground for all students

Running a school or district with simultaneously very liberal and very conservative viewpoints on LGBTQ+ identities can seem like an impossible task.

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