Student Success

Where is teacher confidence headed? New surveys provide insight

Teacher confidence hit rock bottom in 2022 but now appears to be on the rebound even as political divisiveness continues to roil K12.

Teachers need time, technology and strategies to personalize a student’s journey

Focusing on the student-teacher relationship doesn’t mean telling teachers to connect and engage students, and then walking away. Nor is it about finding the best technology to take over as much teaching as possible.

Comfort counts: How superior school design can boost attendance

Two concepts are driving school designers these days: Physical safety and emotional well-being. Even simple adjustments have demonstrated a positive impact.

How to help families overcome social media health problems

The medical community doesn’t have a full grasp on just how social media affects the health of students but a new report offers some solutions without calling for an outright ban.

What will drive more urgency around career prep in 2024?

Pressures on the wider U.S. workforce caused by a lack of workers with the requisite skills will drive more collaboration between K12 schools and employers.

Our seniors are training for healthcare jobs. That might also lead to college

Essential elements to replicate this model in other districts: Workforce development partner, great training, a dedicated manager, and an in-demand field with upward mobility.

Do colleges consider legacy status in admissions? Here’s what the data says

The Supreme Court's dismantling of affirmative action earlier this year sent chills down the spines of higher education and K12 leaders alike over fears that students won't have equal access to college. New data from the U.S. Department of Education reveals just how widespread the practice was.

More students are now being arrested when violent threats disrupt schools

Violent threats are made against schools and students almost every day, often causing lockdowns or closures and increasingly leading to criminal charges.

Reading as a remedy: One of the best ways to build resilience in students

Reading and access to books help children build resilience and can have a positive impact on overall mental and physical health, the latest research shows.

Student-teacher diversity gaps are highest in these 11 states

The U.S. school system needs one million more teachers of color to close gaping diversity gaps between students and classroom educators. 

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