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New proposal offers federal funding for AI literacy in schools

'Artificial Intelligence Literacy Act' would improve the nation's AI skills by providing funding for K12 professional development and new computer science classes. 

Still confused about AI in education? Here are 3 resources that can help

The Future of Education Technology Conference is your one-stop shop for all things technology in K12 education. When it comes to artificial intelligence, there are plenty of sessions to choose from to help you prepare for 2024.

FETC 2024: This new session will unveil never-before-seen guidance on assistive technology

This year, FETC will be among the first to address some exciting new guidance surrounding assistive technology (AT) for children with disabilities.

Educators must now emphasize the humans in the ChatGPT loop

“Wait and see” isn’t an adequate response to the forces being unleashed but there’s a pathway to progress that schools should explore.

AI in schools: Learning to love this transformative technology

Considered by some to be "a demon unleashed" while other consider it "a panacea for education’s myriad challenges," AI's impact on schools is only going to grow as learning platforms become more adaptive, teachers work to further personalize instruction and leaders seek more administrative efficiencies in running their districts.

Education in 2024: Partners break down 8 big trends

Collaboration will grow between K12 and the business community as academic growth is carefully assessed as AI drives the edtech evolution.

Teaching with AI: Excited about games, worried about isolation

For all the angst swirling around AI and education, only about one in five teachers says teaching with the technology has impacted learning negatively, a new survey finds.

Here are 5 priorities for choosing digital learning resources

A sometimes-overlooked part of the CIO’s role is providing input and guidance during the selection of the digital curricular resources that students and teachers are using every day.

How to help families overcome social media health problems

The medical community doesn’t have a full grasp on just how social media affects the health of students but a new report offers some solutions without calling for an outright ban.

ACT: Nearly half of high school students using AI tools, on class assignments

Studying over 4,000 students in grades 10 to 12 this past summer, ACT discovered that 46% have used different AI tools. Of this cohort, nearly half (46%) have used it for school assignments.

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