Why laws that bar teaching about race, LGBTQ topics have little to block

White authors and characters remain far more present in K12 curriculum than authors and characters of any other race or ethnicity, according to the “The Search for More Complex Racial and Ethnic Representation" study by Ed Trust.

How one state is taking on the ‘forced outing’ of transgender students

Chino Valley Unified School District requires schools to notify parents if a child asks to use a name or pronoun that's different from what's on their birth certificate or official records. The state's attorney general, Rob Bonta, is suing the southern California district, saying the mandates violate the privacy and civil rights of LGBTQ+ students.

4 ways your school’s LGBTQ+ policies can save a life

More than one in five LGBTQ+ high school students attempted suicide in 2021, according to recent data from the CDC. Additionally, 52% reported having recently experienced poor mental health. And what many administrators might not know is that something as simple as addressing their school's policies can make a world of difference for those students.

Gender policies take center stage as the 2023 school year begins

"We know that students can only learn effectively when they feel supported," wrote Michelle Reid, superintendent of Fairfax Schools in opposition to the state's newly enacted transgender policies.

How this Iowa district deployed AI to ban 19 books from its libraries

Mason City Community Schools removed the books from grade 7-12 libraries, with an administrator saying that the size of its collection was too large for staff to read every title.

Here are the 3 big impacts political polarization is having in the classroom

Political polarization has made their job "intolerable," teachers say in a new survey. Here's how teachers says administrators, parents and colleagues can solve the problem.

Head scratcher? Florida blocks AP Psychology over LGBTQ+ content

State education officials have told superintendents that college-level AP Psychology can only be taught if content covering sexual orientation and gender identity is excluded. 

Which states allow transgender athletes to compete in sports?

Nearly one-third of transgender students now live in a state that bars them from participating in school sports, according to the nonprofit think tank Movement Advancement Project.

Virginia superintendents line up to defy new K12 transgender restrictions

District leaders declare they will not follow their Republican governor's recently announced "Model Policies" on what bathrooms and pronouns transgender students can use.

Superintendents are stressed out. Here is the No. 1 reason

Turnover has risen from around 14% to 17% since the beginning of the pandemic and neither test scores nor safety appear to be among the top five reasons for K12 leaders' growing anxiety.

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