Student behavior

Teachers need time, technology and strategies to personalize a student’s journey

Focusing on the student-teacher relationship doesn’t mean telling teachers to connect and engage students, and then walking away. Nor is it about finding the best technology to take over as much teaching as possible.

How to help families overcome social media health problems

The medical community doesn’t have a full grasp on just how social media affects the health of students but a new report offers some solutions without calling for an outright ban.

More students are now being arrested when violent threats disrupt schools

Violent threats are made against schools and students almost every day, often causing lockdowns or closures and increasingly leading to criminal charges.

Reading as a remedy: One of the best ways to build resilience in students

Reading and access to books help children build resilience and can have a positive impact on overall mental and physical health, the latest research shows.

AI is tracking student suicide risk. Here are 6 ways to improve the technology

Many educators agree that AI monitoring tools can identify at-risk students but some worry the technology may also "compromise student privacy and perpetuate existing inequalities."

8 promising solutions to the outsize impacts of student discipline

Black boys and girls and students with disabilities continue to be suspended and expelled at rates that remain higher than their shares of total K12 enrollment, the latest data shows.

Suicide prevention: 5 steps for better protecting our students

The most effective solutions start long before a student begins thinking about committing self-harm, says Brandy Samuell, a former K12 administrator who is now director of product management at eLuma, a teletherapy provider.

Antisemitic incidents roiling higher ed are now spreading to K12

In Florida, a ripped Israeli flag was found at Equestrian Trails Elementary School, which is part of the Palm Beach County School District. Swastikas have been drawn at other K12 buildings.

The vaping crisis: Districts resort to dramatic measures, including indictments

Several counties in Alabama are taking what's surely among the nation's most aggressive responses to the problem: Vape courts.

Is your state in the top 10 for bullying problems at school and online?

One in five students between the ages of 12 and 18 suffer bullying, as face-to-face harassment moves behind the anonymity of online attacks, according to federal estimates.

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