ELs excelling: Principal shares the keys to 3 big achievements

Principal Angel M. Rodriguez and his team at Lyman Hall Elementary School have seen record numbers of EL students graduating from language programs and being identified as gifted.

What makes this unique middle school one of the coziest places in town

"Everybody has a role in being part of our kid's lives here while they're in the school," says Sham Bevel, a principal in Virginia Beach. "[Kids] want to be here. They know we care."

3 superintendents find new homes while more districts tap first-timers

A five-time Texas superintendent is shifting to a much bigger school system while three other K12 leaders are getting ready to relocate.

Why this principal strives to be a ‘great simplifier’

The key to improving student outcomes is helping educators find a comfortable place to start working toward big goals, says Danny Mendez, Indiana's Principal of the Year. "This is the one profession that helps create all the other professions. It's being a storyteller about our kids—who they are, what they need, what they want to be and what their dreams are."

Why mentorship was—and still is—essential for this principal’s success

"We're family. They will never leave," says Principal Dashe Rowland regarding her New Leaders cohort, an organization that provided her a direct pathway into the principalship.

How this principal helped launch the groundbreaking school she now leads

"There were no traditions or routines yet," Principal Ahna Davis says of Cabot Freshman Academy. "We got to create the school that we wanted. Ten years later, it is still a fantastic school!"

Why principals love these 5 ways their roles are being redefined

A principal's role in student achievement is immense but some educators may not quite comprehend the full scope of a building leader's influence on outcomes.

How Colorado’s Principal of the Year is giving students more learning time

The Colorado high school principal of the year was instrumental in creating a universal schedule that gives students access to a wider range of classes.

Why empowering student leaders is a big priority for Principal Brady

Melissa Brady, Delaware's national distinguished principal, views her students as more than scholars—they are leaders in her elementary school now and in the community of the future. 

7 questions: Why hiring teachers of color is personal for this principal

"I can count on one hand how many teachers of color taught me," Principal E. Rodney Walker says. "I never wanted any student under my care to experience this lack of connection."

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