New proposal offers federal funding for AI literacy in schools

'Artificial Intelligence Literacy Act' would improve the nation's AI skills by providing funding for K12 professional development and new computer science classes. 

Districts are using teacher retention grants to staff up

Teacher retention grants and other forms of recruitment assistance are available from state and federal agencies and a wide range of other sources. Here's how K12 leaders are deploying the funds.

Why this principal strives to be a ‘great simplifier’

The key to improving student outcomes is helping educators find a comfortable place to start working toward big goals, says Danny Mendez, Indiana's Principal of the Year. "This is the one profession that helps create all the other professions. It's being a storyteller about our kids—who they are, what they need, what they want to be and what their dreams are."

Solving teacher shortages: 5 ways to improve student teaching

Districts are raising salaries, building apartments and giving teachers more planning time. But, with superintendents warning of worsening staff shortages, districts may be overlooking another solution: student teaching.

Why principals love these 5 ways their roles are being redefined

A principal's role in student achievement is immense but some educators may not quite comprehend the full scope of a building leader's influence on outcomes.

Superintendent’s Playbook: 5 ways to connect PD to student learning

No matter how much teachers demand PD, experts and educators are still looking for effective ways to measure professional development's impact on student achievement.

Superintendent’s Playbook: How to make more progress with interventions

"It forces collaboration between social studies, math, English and science teachers," explains Superintendent John Dignan of Wayne-Westland Community Schools, about embedding interventions into core instruction. "They're working together and our kids are getting the medicine they need—it's not just about remediation, it's about acceleration."

Instructional leader: How one principal leverages a love of teaching reading

Principal Angie Krause's background as a reading specialist has come in handy this year as she gets to know each child's academic and social-emotional needs.

How to improve student achievement through instructional coaching with video

An assistant superintendent explains how her district uses video to make teacher professional development relevant, intentional and focused.

Teacher apprenticeships are growing rapidly. More funding is on the way

The number of states with registered teacher apprenticeships has increased exponentially—from two to 21—over the last year, and the Department of Education is offering more support.

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