Tim Hudson

Tim Hudson serves as chief learning officer at Discovery Education, where he supports partner districts and internal teams as they develop and implement research-based, innovative, and effective resources for teachers and students. Prior to joining Discovery Education, Hudson spent 10 years in public education.

3 stress-free ways to better measure math mindsets

While traditional assessments like tests and quizzes will always have a place in math classrooms, districts can put their assessments to the test by reflecting on three questions.

Redefining math by answering “When are we ever gonna use this?” in new ways

We can motivate students to have a more positive mindset about the goals and purpose of math through community buy-in, professional learning and the right resources.

3 ways to foster positive math mindsets in students

Whether it's negative self-perceptions about their own identity and capability in math or an intimidating shadow cast by “star” math students at school, it’s common for students to doubt whether they belong in math class, let alone believe they can be successful in it.

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