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Where does your state rank on the list of best school systems?

“Quality” and “safety” are the two key measures in fresh rankings of the states with the best and worst school systems.

Which colleges are the hardest for your students to get into in 2023?

For your students' information: Harvard, Stanford and Princeton, unsurprisingly, are America's toughest colleges to get into in 2023 according to Niche's most recent rankings.

Ranking all 50 states on highest teacher pay shows the pinch of inflation

Districts are awash in COVID relief funding but the inflation fueled by the pandemic means the power of teacher salaries has declined over the past 10 years.

More superintendents step down: “I cannot continue working for this board of education”

A rising star in Massachusetts joined the list of the recently ousted superintendents during yet another week of continued conflict between K12 leaders and boards of education, mayors and other officials.

6 more superintendents depart in start of school year shakeups

Parental pressure appears to have played a major role in the sudden departure of the superintendent of North Monterey County USD in California and in a number of other districts.

Kentucky superintendent suspended as two other leaders call it quits

Matthew Constant, the superintendent of Owensboro Public Schools, was suspended by the district's school board when members learned he is being investigating by the Kentucky State Police.

Politics, cell towers and hate speech: Why 3 more superintendents are out of a job

Sudden political shifts have led to the removal of another superintendent while some less common local controversies have forced other leaders to resign.

Superintendent steps down from a big district as turnover keeps churning

Superintendent Diana Greene will leave Florida's Duval County Public Schools in the coming weeks after having served in the post since 2018.

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