Leadership Concerns

How leaders can support the ‘big changes’ coming to K12 in 2024

That's according to Tripod Education's new market study, a survey of nearly 800 educators and district administrators, unveiling significant shifts in instructional approaches, curricula and district strategies.

A look inside California’s continuous trend of declining enrollment

While it's been an issue for years, public school enrollment issues have worsened since COVID, forcing school closures as we near the end of pandemic relief funding. In one state's case, researchers are forecasting a decline of over half a million students by the 2031-32 school year.

As teacher shortages persist, districts look for creative solutions

From shorter work weeks to hiring overseas, districts across the country are looking for better ways to improve the teaching profession.

We asked ChatGPT to recap K12 education in 2023. You’ll enjoy its response

Specifically, District Administration wanted to know what the chatbot thinks were some of the most important topics and challenges relevant to district leaders, superintendents and technology professionals.

The differences between private and public school enrollment post-pandemic

Enrollment patterns vary between public and private schools at a time when lawmakers are expanding school choice vouchers and advocating for alternative opportunities for education.

Who are districts competing with for students? Here’s what the research says

Critics who argue the death of public schools is near are overexaggerating the reality of a healthy balance for school choice, researchers at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute write. Despite a growing interest in charter schooling, larger districts face little competition for students.

Substitute teachers are in short supply. What are districts doing to cope?

Administrators are turning to creative solutions to make substitute teaching more desirable. Most commonly, leaders are making efforts to boost pay, especially in high-needs areas.

How two superintendents strive to be “real people”

Two leaders highlight key steps on a journey many K12 leaders take—that of humanizing themselves in their relationships with staff and students.

What the research tells us about the vaping crisis in schools

Tobacco use among high school students dipped between 2022-23. But that's not the case for our middle schoolers, new CDC data suggests.

These 6 states saw the largest growth in homeschool enrollment since 2017

A new analysis from The Washington Post reveals that homeschooling is now the fastest-growing form of education after its dramatic spike during the pandemic.

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