[PODCAST] The Changing Face of School Security: How Conversations with Changemakers Is Bringing Us Together


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Join us for this podcast episode featuring a thirty-minute discussion with Paul Timm, PSP at Allegion, who has spent his career helping schools on physical safety. As the landscape changes, Paul is bringing his decades-long expertise to the podcast airwaves and recently launched a series of conversations with other school security experts who bring unique perspectives and thoughtful ideas for schools to consider. This episode will give an overview of what Paul has learned with these conversations and the field work that district administrators should be aware of:

  • Advocacy: The work industry associations are doing to drive the value of advanced technology in K-12 school safety and security. Organizations like PASS, NASRO and Axis Communications are helping with instructional offerings and trendspotting.
  • Adaptation: Hear Paul’s takeaways from the field – from his personal experience on site walking school hallways for safety assessments, as well as what he’s learned from conversations with organizations like SafeSchools4All, that share the importance of education and technology.
  • Action: Learn about the people and organizations who are taking action after tragedy – including lessons from incidents and how they affected the landscape of school security.


Paul Timm, PSP, Director of Education Safety, Allegion

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