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Emergency-hired teachers do just as well as those who go through normal training

Like other first-year teachers, those granted emergency credentials were disproportionately assigned to work with children with disabilities, English learners and low-income students. And, in...

K12 schools improve protection against online attacks, but many are vulnerable to ransomware gangs

Some K-12 public schools are racing to improve protection against the threat of online attacks, but lax cybersecurity means thousands of others are vulnerable...

Missouri lawmaker wants to abolish state’s K12 education department, transfer its powers

A Missouri lawmaker wants to abolish the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and give the governor the authority to redistribute its powers,...

DEI efforts in Kentucky K12 schools at risk under proposed legislation

A Kentucky Republican lawmaker wants to rid the public K12 system of some programs used to make schools more inclusive of people of color,...

Broward County public schools considering a four-day week for high schools, asking for input

At least one high school in the county has operated on a 4-day week for nearly 30 years. In a survey emailed to parents, the district said...

James Madison High School sheltered migrants in a storm. The hate calls poured in

An angry backlash erupted at a Brooklyn high school on Wednesday, after New York City officials housed about 500 migrant families in an auditorium...

Winners of the 2024 District Administration National Awards Program announced

District Administration Leadership Institute announced the winners of its prestigious National Awards Program, recognizing outstanding districts, leaders, and women in education across six key categories. The recipients were presented with their awards at the DALI Superintendent Summit in Naples, Florida.

3 Ways School and District Leaders Can Elevate Career and Technical Education

Date & Time: Thursday, February 15th at 2 pm ET

In this DA Ed Talk, a digital curriculum expert will discuss three ways school and district administrators can take their CTE program to the next level by developing long-term goals that allow it to grow and adapt over time.

Flexibility, Choice, and Opportunity: The Next Chapter of Virtual Learning

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 7th at 2 pm ET

Attend this 20-minute DA Ed Talk with the the Director of Secondary Education at Johnson City Schools in Tennessee to learn how to design and utilize a virtual learning program that provides more flexibility, choice, and expanded learning opportunities for students.

Cultivate a Framework for District-Wide Intervention Success

Date & Time: Thursday, January 25th at 2 pm ET

Join us for a 30-minute Ed Talk and discover how to cultivate a framework for intervention success that positively impacts student growth in your schools.

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